Resetting your Cloud/Domain/Gmail Password

  1. on desktop or laptop login as estudent. This profile requires no password and will get you to the windows desktop where you can access the chrome browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Click need help in the upper right side of the screen.
  4. Click “Forgot my password”
  5. Insert your username.
  6. Answer security question
  7. After that, insert your new password.
    1. Must be a minimum length of eight (8) Characters
    2. Must have a minimum one (1) Upper Case
    3. Must have a minimum one (1) Lower Case
    4. Must have a minimum one (1) Number
    5. The password can NOT contain the user name or parts of the user’s full name, such as his first name
  8. Click NEXT and password should be changed.
  9. You can now log off of estudent by going to the start button and where is says shut down, select LOG OFF
  10. This will bring you back to your orginal log in screen where you can now log in with your credentials and your newly reset password

NOTE: This resets your focus password as well.

The focus system is managed through the district so I have no admin privileges in this system. Anne Strickland is the District point of contact for focus reset in the event that THE NUMBER OF LOGIN ATTEMPTS HAVE BEEN EXCEEDED AND YOU HAVE BEEN LOCKED OUT. SHE CAN NOT HELP IF YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN THE PASSWORD. THAT IS WHEN RESETTING YOUR CLOUD PASSWORD THROUGH CLOUD.BAYSCHOOLS.NET WOULD RESOLVE THIS ISSUE

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